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Published: 21st December 2011
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Keyboard Review

The Razer Arctosa is considered to be an entry level gamer’s keyboard that will get new gamers started or for someone not looking for all of the complexity and the bells and whistles of a higher priced board.

The Arctosa starts out with a slim chassis that a lot of people are looking for. At 470mm W x 165mm D x 20mm H without the wrist rest and 470mm x 222mm x 20mm with the wrist rest. Easy to move around and portable, you can easily pop this into a backpack and your on your way.

This model, like its cousin the Lycosa, lets you program any key on the board to be a quick access macro. Logitech for example offers several models that have programmable "G" keys to store macro functions. In essence the Arctosa is a board that is in essence all "G" keys.

To create the macros takes zero hassle to do. Thanks to some great software it's very flexible and allows for 10 different profiles. You can change the profiles easily too. Just press the Razer logo button then hit one of the F1 thru F10 keys and you are done.

You can also remove the wrist rest on this keyboard by just the removal of 4 screws and it comes right off. Some people do prefer to use their board this way but I'm a big fan of the wrist rest.

One of the big features of this board is the key stroke technology. Razer uses "HyperResponse on this board and while that may sound hyped up it actually means something here. The keys on this board have a very tactile feel and a very low profile. This also extends the speed of key function by having a 1 KHz Ultrapolling feature that makes the key respond with a lightning quick response. This is a great feature for those gamers who play at top speed on their board.

Another appreciative feature is the anti-ghosting function. This disables the repeating function of a key when it is held down. You can also disable the Windows key so when in game you don't accidentally close your game while in active play.

One feature that is missing on this board is something that I have gotten use to and will not by a keyboard if it is missing this and that is lighted keys. It's not that it is just cool looking, it is, it's that I type a lot and in low light conditions at night and don't want to turn on a light in the room as I would disturb someone sleeping. So it's a great feature for me but most people gaming I'm sure use keyboard lights or something to see the board and this will not be a big factor.

The bottom of the board there are 2 fold down feet that give the Arctosa a slight lift and tilt but the rise is minimal. This board also has no USB or audio pass through connectors. This board also features a set of multi media keys in the upper right side of the keyboard and includes play/pause, stop, forward, reverse and volume controls. The Arctosa comes in black and silver versions but both are black. In the silver version the lettering on the keys is silver and that is the only difference.

The Arctosa looks more like a normal style keyboard than a gaming board at first glance. If you don't need some of the features found on other boards then this will fit the bill nicely as form and functionality are well served here.

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